I also want to write a blog. How and where do I start best?

It’s not that difficult to start a blog. There are a few free providers with a selection of ready-made themes that you can customize to your own needs. But first it takes an idea, a theme, a lot of inspiration and a good name.

How did you build up the large readership?

I actually hear that question very often. And yet I still have no clear answer to that. I always blogged very regularly and a lot and at the same time was very active on other blogs. Baby, Child & Sea grew slowly and steadily at the beginning. When exactly the readership was so big, I can not say for sure. Suddenly there were so many readers and every day hundreds of new ones were added! That overwhelms me to this day. In addition, I have always remained myself and have always implemented individual ideas and developed unique concepts.

Do you have any good tips on blogging?

You should only and exclusively blog about topics that you like yourself and have fun. That’s the only way to stay authentic. Plus, there are a few key qualities to bring with you if you want to blog successfully: lots of discipline, stamina, strong nerves, and a great deal of creativity and individuality.

Can you please write about my product? What do I have to do for it?

Please write me an e-mail in which you introduce me your product and your idea. Thank you!

Can I meet you and your family personally?

I find it incredibly nice when blog readers approach me on the street. I am happy if you can exchange and talk for a short time. Therefore: Do not be afraid to approach us on the way! Unfortunately, our time does not allow us to organize personal meetings with readers. We also value our privacy outside of the blogged topics.

I would like to take a vacation on the Baltic Sea. Do you have tips for beautiful accommodations, restaurants, shops and cafes?

I’d love to give you good tips, believe me! I’d better deal with this topic and write a post about it. Currently, however, it is true that for the very reason that I live and live here myself, I have never had to deal with good accommodation. In addition, the tastes are very different. This also applies to restaurants, shops and cafés.

Why was a comment removed from me?

Baby, child & sea should be a positive place. A page that inspires and stimulates exchange. It is important to us that this positive idea remains. We have nothing against constructive criticism, but if a comment is insulting, hurtful, or contextless, we remove it.

Can I send you a personal e-mail?

Of course and very much. I’m always happy about emails from readers. Here you can reach me. Unfortunately, I do not manage to answer all e-mails. That’s also the reason for this little FAQ, where I answer the most common reader questions at a glance. Every day I get a lot of emails from readers. Therefore, it is simply impossible to answer them all. In addition to my job, the house and the everyday everyday madness with three children, I just do not have the time. I hope you understand. Nevertheless, I am grateful for every e-mail and am happy about your personal thoughts, feelings and texts.