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You Can Get Some Money for Your Used iPhones

iPhones are a popular model of smartphone. Their resale value is still high, even on the secondary market. If you have an older generation iPhone sitting around, you can make money by selling it. There are many ways to do this online. With a few simple steps, you can get a premium price for an iPhone 6 16GB.

You will need to decide which method you want to use. You can trade the phone for a credit with Apple. There are secondary sellers that will purchase the phone from you. You can also list it yourself on a reseller website. There are many advantages and disadvantages to each method. You need to consider each one before making a decision.

Apple has a buyback service called the Renew and Recycling Programme. If you are looking to purchase a newer iPhone, this program may be for you. They allow their customers to trade in older iPhones for a credit. This credit will go towards the purchase of a newer iPhone. You can go to the Apple store or complete a form online. Apple will inspect your device and give you a value for it. If you accept their terms, the credit will be applied to the new phone’s price. It works the same way when you complete the online process. In this case, the device will need to be sent to Dataserv. They will perform a complete evaluation. Once that has completed, Apple will deposit funds into your account.

For those looking for a secondhand reseller, there are many places online. These companies will buy your older model iPhone from you. That phone becomes part of their inventory and they sell it for a profit. You should not expect to receive the full retail price for the phone. The secondary seller is looking to make money on the sale. Any offer from them will be slightly less than if you sold the phone yourself. The process is similar to the Apple program. You can complete an online form. You will need to send the iPhone off for an inspection. When that is completed, the reseller will either send you a check or deposit funds into your account.

The most profitable option is to list your iPhone 6 16GB on eBay. This gives you a little more control of the process. With eBay, you will be able to set your price. eBay is one of the most trusted sites online to sell merchandise. In fact, most people looking for a used phone will purchase from the site. The one catch is that are many other people selling their phones as well. You have to do a little research with the market. Take a few minutes and look at similar phones. You should price your phone within the same range. If you price it too high, it may sit and not sell. If you price it too low, you could be leaving money on the table.

You always want to take excellent care of your iPhone. Dents or cracked glass can lower the resale value. You should always have a screen protector and case for the phone. iPhones with minimal damage sell for more than a phone with extreme damage. You should include the charging cable with the device. It might sway a buyer to purchase your phone over another one. You probably won’t need it anyway since your new phone will have its own cable.

Lastly, you need to keep yourself safe. Before you trade-in or sell your phone, make sure to do a complete data wipe. This will take all your personal data off the phone. If you leave any apps or games on it, it could lead to the possibility of identity theft. Once someone has access to that, they can acquire personal data and information. Apple products have a few steps to reset the phone back to factory defaults.

Selling your older generation Apple iPhone is only a few clicks away. There are multiple ways to sell your phone online. With a few easy steps, you can get a little money for an older iPhone model.

You Can Flip Your Old Phone For Cash With These Cutting-Edge Mobile Recycling Websites

If you’ve been throwing out your smart device’s the moment you upgraded, you’ve been doing it all wrong. There are a number of fantastic services that can help you flip your device for cash. If you don’t use these services, and you just toss all your hardware in the trash once you’ve finished, you’re wasting money — these services help you put your investment back in your pocket. It’s a win-win, and you’re cheating yourself if you don’t give them a chance.

Many of these sites will also recycle the components of your hardware, which is doing a wonderful service for the environment. Since the widespread adoption of smart devices, the increased waste produced by them has taken a massive toll on the environment. By using these services, not only are you saving money, but you’re also doing your part in lessening humanities environmental footprint. If that’s a concept that is of value to you, then you’re running out of reasons to not give these services a go.

We’ve collected our three favorite options for recycling your old phone. For everything from the latest Android to device to your old iPhone 6 16GB, these services can provide you with stellar rates that can give you money to put right into buying a newer device. Each of these services does this in a different way, however. Below, we break down the differences, as well as which service we think is the best for different types of people. Let’s get right into things.

You probably know Gamestop as the leading retailer for video game trade-ins, but a few years back, the company dipped their toes into the smart device recycling game as well. In the time since the service has grown into a really great offering that provides some truly fantastic rates when compared to the competition. Gamestop only resells your device, however, so you won’t be doing as much for the environment when you go with them.

Gamestop accepts all kinds of smart devices, not just phones. That means they will offer you just as much for your iPad as they would your iPhone 6 16GB. It’s a great system and one that can easily be put to work in your favor. The store offers both cash and in-store credit. You’re going to be getting 5% more if you opt for store credit, however, so this may be the best choice for you if you’re an avid gamer.

Our first online-only option, will be the best choice for those looking to do some good for the environment. On the whole, their rates a good bit lower than the competitions. There is a silver lining, however — because the service is chiefly concerned with aiding the environment, they will offer you more for much older devices then the competition would. If you’ve been hoarding all your old devices, from your Nokia all the way up to your iPhone 6 16GB, then you can make a sizeable profit by working with

Their process is easy and intuitive, with minimal headaches and fine-print details. Even better, they handle the shipping in its entirety. They are also receptive to bulk trade-ins, a fact that can greatly benefit those looking to do a lot of business with the service. The rates are great, you’ll be helping the environment, and most importantly, you will be lining your pockets — What more could you want?

This site is the oldest name in the game, and as such, they’ve built up a great reputation. Like Gamestop, this site is only reselling your phone, so you won’t be doing much good for the environment. They do, however, offer the best rates on new hardware by a sizeable margin, so if profits are your chief concern, these are your guys. They will waive the shipping costs on bulk trade-ins as well, so don’t be afraid to send them as much as you can cram into a box.

Sony’s New Mobile Phone: A Real Game Changer!

In our world of technology, things are always changing, new products come out, and the speed continues to get faster. Mobile devices is one of the most tangible tools of technology used by consumers to have an opportunity to talk on the phone, indulge in social media and take pictures. Sony has brought a new mobile device to our lives that is definitely a game-changer in its field. It has features they will make one take a look at making a major purchase for a new device. This is the Xperia XZ Premium, Sony’s new mobile phone which is leading the pack with its specifications and awesome color choices.

One of main features that make the Sony Xperia XZ Premium stand out right away is its 4K HDR, which is normally for televisions but Sony has brought it to their mobile phones! No other cellular phone has this specification on it and is a wonderful option to have for the best clarity when viewing movies, videos and pictures on your phone. 4K refers to the particular resolution in which we see pictures on the television screen. What we view on television are very small, micro pixels all over the screen that gives us the images we actually see. This equates to 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels, and multiplied together gives us over 8 million pixels which is 4 times the average amount for viewing. HDR means high dynamic range. It makes the pictures we take more realistic and also combines the exposures of dark and light so that we can perceive it in a way that will represent the proper colors that we perceive them to be.

With these 2 elements together, we have a magnified, clear way to watch anything we desire on our phones.

Often times when we purchase a cellular phone, the options for colors are very limited to silver and black. Sony Xperia XZ Premium has two colors that are not very common. One of those colors is Rosso, which is Italian for red. It has been several years since I have seen a cellular phone that came in red but the XZ Premium is that phone! The shade reminds me of a beautiful candy apple red color which no one can ever miss. It stands out like a sore thumb! The other color that will be a favorite among the crowd is Bronze Pink. This shade is a perfect rose gold color, which has become very common in cosmetics and jewelry in the last few years. The phone also comes in Luminous Chrome, which is your standard silver or pewter shade phone. And the last color it comes in is Deepsea Black.

There are several smartphones on the market which are not that smart, but the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a phone that actually learns from the consumer! It adapts to your lifestyle by paying attention to everything you do which will make your life a lot easier. Simply put, the more you use it, the smarter the phone gets. For example, when you’re about to go to bed, you would normally mute your phone, turn your phone off or turn the brightness down. After a certain number of times of doing this, the XP Premium will catch on and do it automatically for you. It will also clean your phone periodically to make sure your data stays up to speed and no icky viruses try to attack your device.

This new and improved Sony phone is one for those wanting something very unique and smart. It gives you an opportunity to witness some of the positive changes technology has brought to this 21st century. With the amazing upgrades for resolution, camera phone and the ability to operate on its own, it is what the consumers want. Go to your local mobile phone store and try this phone out for yourself!

When to Start Thinking About Recycling Your Old Mobile Phones

It has been shown that the majority of consumers purchase a new mobile every 20 months. So, what happens to the older models? Although some give these devices to friends or family members, a growing number of phones are simply tossed in the bin or allocated to an anonymous corner of the attic. Whether you have just upgraded your iPhone 7 to the iPhone X or you have come across a box of phones dating from the early 2000s, the chances are high that every one of these units can be recycled. How can you know if it is a good idea to start thinking about recycling these devices? Let’s take a look at some practical concerns before moving on to the choices at your disposal.

When Age Gets the Best of Your Phone

There are two main situations which will often signify that it is time to recycle your old model. These are:

  • The unit is no longer able to mechanically function properly.
  • Its software has become outdated or otherwise irrelevant.

So, consider the benefits of obtaining a newer model. Weigh these advantages against the cost of the unit as well as any contractual changes that you may need to adopt. Even if you have a newer model such as the iPhone 7, you might still need to upgrade if top-of-the-line processing power is what you require.

Earning Extra Cash

The environmental benefits of mobile phone recycling should never be taken for granted. Studies have found that the amount of energy saved from recycling a single device is sufficient to power a standard laptop for up to 40 hours. However, such a concept might still appear quite arbitrary. Some consumers are looking for a quick means to generate cash. This is where the power of online exchange websites such as will come into play.

There are many online portals like which are more than happy to offer you the equivalent cash value of an older model. In fact, they are willing to pay hundreds of pounds for newer versions such as the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8. You will first need to ship the unit (these costs are covered by the provider). Once the phone is examined, you are sent cash in the form of an electronic wire transfer. It really is that simple.

Moving House

When a family is moving to a different location, many older electronic items are discarded during the process. However, one exception to this observation involves mobile phones. Even if you possess an older model dating from the halcyon electronics age of the 1990s, the fact of the matter is that buyers always exist. Some even collect these “ancient” units in the hopes that their values will increase over time. Not only will you lighten the load during an upcoming relocation, but you will be able to enjoy a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

Environmental Concerns

It is always important to appreciate the positive impact that mobile phone recycling has upon the environment. As companies can reuse many of the materials contained within these gadgets, harmful practices such as strip and open-pit mining will be reduced. This offers benefits for generations into the future.

Regardless of your personal motivations, it is always a good idea to start thinking about recycling your old mobile devices. In fact, turning in a model such as an iPhone 7 could very well provide you with the financial liquidity required in order to upgrade to the latest version!