Ever since I am mom, I am experiencing new adventures every day. No two days are the same. Lilli, Lotte and Tom always provide new experiences, emotions and impressions. Our everyday life is full of surprises, dreams and creative time. Together we want to discover the world and at the same time let the world participate in our personal life by the sea.

The family also includes dad and husband Micha. My better half. Without him, most things would only work half as well. He is a shipbuilding engineer, full time dad and blogger assistant in one. We got to know each other in November 2006, happily married since December 2008.

Baby, Child & Sea went online on 1 July 2012. First as a small family blog, which reached mainly our friends and relatives. But over the years, the blog grew. And before I knew it, we reached over a hundred thousand readers a month. The blog and the maintenance of the social media channels stretched me from day to day more and so blogging finally became my full time job.

However, I have written before. Actually always. Books, short stories, poems, screenplays for television and guest articles for various websites. I love writing! As long as I can think back, it was my biggest dream to reach many people with my thoughts and texts while living from writing.

And now I wish you a lot of fun, to look around in peace on Baby, Child & Sea!

Every day is an adventure!