You Can Get Some Money for Your Used iPhones

iPhones are a popular model of smartphone. Their resale value is still high, even on the secondary market. If you have an older generation iPhone sitting around, you can make money by selling it. There are many ways to do this online. With a few simple steps, you can get a premium price for an iPhone 6 16GB.

You will need to decide which method you want to use. You can trade the phone for a credit with Apple. There are secondary sellers that will purchase the phone from you. You can also list it yourself on a reseller website. There are many advantages and disadvantages to each method. You need to consider each one before making a decision.

Apple has a buyback service called the Renew and Recycling Programme. If you are looking to purchase a newer iPhone, this program may be for you. They allow their customers to trade in older iPhones for a credit. This credit will go towards the purchase of a newer iPhone. You can go to the Apple store or complete a form online. Apple will inspect your device and give you a value for it. If you accept their terms, the credit will be applied to the new phone’s price. It works the same way when you complete the online process. In this case, the device will need to be sent to Dataserv. They will perform a complete evaluation. Once that has completed, Apple will deposit funds into your account.

For those looking for a secondhand reseller, there are many places online. These companies will buy your older model iPhone from you. That phone becomes part of their inventory and they sell it for a profit. You should not expect to receive the full retail price for the phone. The secondary seller is looking to make money on the sale. Any offer from them will be slightly less than if you sold the phone yourself. The process is similar to the Apple program. You can complete an online form. You will need to send the iPhone off for an inspection. When that is completed, the reseller will either send you a check or deposit funds into your account.

The most profitable option is to list your iPhone 6 16GB on eBay. This gives you a little more control of the process. With eBay, you will be able to set your price. eBay is one of the most trusted sites online to sell merchandise. In fact, most people looking for a used phone will purchase from the site. The one catch is that are many other people selling their phones as well. You have to do a little research with the market. Take a few minutes and look at similar phones. You should price your phone within the same range. If you price it too high, it may sit and not sell. If you price it too low, you could be leaving money on the table.

You always want to take excellent care of your iPhone. Dents or cracked glass can lower the resale value. You should always have a screen protector and case for the phone. iPhones with minimal damage sell for more than a phone with extreme damage. You should include the charging cable with the device. It might sway a buyer to purchase your phone over another one. You probably won’t need it anyway since your new phone will have its own cable.

Lastly, you need to keep yourself safe. Before you trade-in or sell your phone, make sure to do a complete data wipe. This will take all your personal data off the phone. If you leave any apps or games on it, it could lead to the possibility of identity theft. Once someone has access to that, they can acquire personal data and information. Apple products have a few steps to reset the phone back to factory defaults.

Selling your older generation Apple iPhone is only a few clicks away. There are multiple ways to sell your phone online. With a few easy steps, you can get a little money for an older iPhone model.

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