Sony’s New Mobile Phone: A Real Game Changer!

In our world of technology, things are always changing, new products come out, and the speed continues to get faster. Mobile devices is one of the most tangible tools of technology used by consumers to have an opportunity to talk on the phone, indulge in social media and take pictures. Sony has brought a new mobile device to our lives that is definitely a game-changer in its field. It has features they will make one take a look at making a major purchase for a new device. This is the Xperia XZ Premium, Sony’s new mobile phone which is leading the pack with its specifications and awesome color choices.

One of main features that make the Sony Xperia XZ Premium stand out right away is its 4K HDR, which is normally for televisions but Sony has brought it to their mobile phones! No other cellular phone has this specification on it and is a wonderful option to have for the best clarity when viewing movies, videos and pictures on your phone. 4K refers to the particular resolution in which we see pictures on the television screen. What we view on television are very small, micro pixels all over the screen that gives us the images we actually see. This equates to 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels, and multiplied together gives us over 8 million pixels which is 4 times the average amount for viewing. HDR means high dynamic range. It makes the pictures we take more realistic and also combines the exposures of dark and light so that we can perceive it in a way that will represent the proper colors that we perceive them to be.

With these 2 elements together, we have a magnified, clear way to watch anything we desire on our phones.

Often times when we purchase a cellular phone, the options for colors are very limited to silver and black. Sony Xperia XZ Premium has two colors that are not very common. One of those colors is Rosso, which is Italian for red. It has been several years since I have seen a cellular phone that came in red but the XZ Premium is that phone! The shade reminds me of a beautiful candy apple red color which no one can ever miss. It stands out like a sore thumb! The other color that will be a favorite among the crowd is Bronze Pink. This shade is a perfect rose gold color, which has become very common in cosmetics and jewelry in the last few years. The phone also comes in Luminous Chrome, which is your standard silver or pewter shade phone. And the last color it comes in is Deepsea Black.

There are several smartphones on the market which are not that smart, but the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a phone that actually learns from the consumer! It adapts to your lifestyle by paying attention to everything you do which will make your life a lot easier. Simply put, the more you use it, the smarter the phone gets. For example, when you’re about to go to bed, you would normally mute your phone, turn your phone off or turn the brightness down. After a certain number of times of doing this, the XP Premium will catch on and do it automatically for you. It will also clean your phone periodically to make sure your data stays up to speed and no icky viruses try to attack your device.

This new and improved Sony phone is one for those wanting something very unique and smart. It gives you an opportunity to witness some of the positive changes technology has brought to this 21st century. With the amazing upgrades for resolution, camera phone and the ability to operate on its own, it is what the consumers want. Go to your local mobile phone store and try this phone out for yourself!

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