Xplora Smart-Watch – Alternative To Smartphone?

 When we had our car accident some time ago, a rather heavy rear-end collision in the middle of the city, and then immediately had to go to the doctor, this moment threw our entire daily planning together. In the end, fortunately, nothing worse than a whiplash happened to both Micha and Tom and me, and the car was damaged by just under $ 8,000. But it was a shock anyway! And after we had digested the first big shock – immediately after the accident – and were then on the way to the doctor, we realized the next moment that Lilli would come home from school – due to the time delay – if we would not be there. At that very moment I wished so much to be able to reach Lilli somehow. But that was simply impossible.

So in the end, we had no choice but to rely on Lilli, hoping she would not let herself be confused when she got home and no one was there … that she would either go to neighbors or wait in the garden.

But the other way around, there were already one or the other situation in which Lilli would have liked to tell us something on the way. For example, that she had forgotten that an extra choir rehearsal took place after school and that would make her come home later. Or just to ask if she is allowed to go to a friend’s house after school.

There are so many situations in which it is very helpful to reach the child or be reached by the child. Sometimes they are more serious or more acute situations, often everyday. Either way, accessibility plays an increasingly central role in the growing independence of our children. Because suddenly our children are traveling alone and discover the world on their own or together with their friends.

And even if we want to claim that everything used to work without smartphones and the Internet in the past, this realization does not exclude the possibility that even in those situations like the ones mentioned above, even at that time there were queasy feelings. Either because as a child we once stood in front of a locked door, or because as a child we came home some days later and our mothers were very worried.

That’s why: yes, in the past, life did not work without the possibilities that exist today, but still we would have wished it many times, right?

That’s why I’d like to introduce you to the XPLORA Smartwatch , which I recommended to you on Instagram some time ago , in more detail. Because this special smartwatch for kids is one of the best technical inventions for families I’ve seen in a long time. Modern and useful, but not inappropriate for children. Why, why and why – I’ll tell you in the following!

I also want to give away an XPLORA Smartwatch to you on this occasion! Further information and terms and conditions for the prize game can be found at the end of the post.

What can the XPLORA Smartwatch do?

The XPLORA Smartwatch is a special watch designed for kids that adds some valuable features beyond the clock function. With the smartwatch, children can make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages, and use an intelligent emergency call system when needed.

The smartwatch also has a GPS receiver. This tracking function can be switched off at any time. We also exhibited them.

The display can show both a digital clock and an analogue clock.

The smartwatch is CE certified (including battery safety, non-toxicity of materials and radiation), splash-proof and convinces not only functional, but also visually. In addition, there is the smartwatch in different colors, so that for each child the right watch is there.

XPLORA Smartwatch Vs. Smartphone

The moment will come when our kids are old enough for a smartphone. But for the transitional period – between the ages of 4-11 years – the XPLORA Smartwatch is a great alternative. Seeing the smartwatch is perfect as a first “mobile phone” suitable for children. It allows people to stay connected, but prevents free access to the Internet and access to apps, social media and inappropriate content.

The Smartwatch is a secure mobile phone that has all the technical benefits of a smartphone, but excludes inappropriate features.

Incidentally, children can only call people who have the numbers on their smartwatches. And you can call only from previously defined contacts (eg, mom, dad, grandma and grandpa) or, optionally, depending on the setting of each, to whom one gave the number before. The same applies to the message function.

In addition, the respective contacts can be provided with matching photos. This is especially helpful for children.

Other advantages of the XPLORA Smartwatch

When I introduced you to the smartwatch on Instagram , some of you wrote that it’s not very nice or desirable to send kids to the (elementary) school with a smartphone. But even here, the argument that the smartwatch is not a smartphone in the sense, but only offers the opportunity to stay in touch with each other. Other functions such as access to the Internet, apps or games are not possible with the smartwatch. Accordingly, the smartwatch should not be a problem for teachers. =)

Also: On the SmartWatch can be rest periods set in which no calls are transferred such as during lessons. And there is even the possibility of retrieving the child’s location and / or being informed as soon as the child reaches or leaves a certain area (eg the school). However, the location function can – as I said – also be turned off at any time.

Most of the time, the XPLORA is only a normal watch on the wrist anyway.

How much does the XPLORA Smartwatch cost?

As I wrote above, the XPLORA Smartwatch comes in different colors: BLUE / GREEN , ORANGE / BLUE and PINK / WHITE

Priced the Smartwatch is £12.99 / month with a contract period of 24 months . The cost of the clock and the data flatrate are included in the price.

Note: The watch can not be used with other SIM cards!

Our experiences with the XPLORA Smartwatch

Lilli is really happy to own the smartwatch! Not only for the time in school, but also when she is on her own in the afternoons or on weekends with her friends. I think she feels safer because she knows that she can reach us at any time and that we can contact her any time should something important have happened or are pending. But regardless of situations in which we want to reach acute, the smartwatch is a real help – and for the normal everyday life.

If only to occasionally ask Lilli where she is and when she will come home. Or to remind them that it’s time for dinner, riding or dancing.

And even Lotte went out of the house more often with the smartwatch. Primarily, she gets to know the time with the watch and thereby develops a first sense of time. At the same time, we can reach her anytime, for example, when she’s with friends to tell her something, without having to settle the whole thing over a phone call with the other parents.

Conclusion: The XPLORA Smartwatch is the perfect alternative to the first smartphone – especially for elementary school children. It allows children to be self-reliant and still be able to contact each other at any time.

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