The Best Broadband and Mobile Deals for Heavy Users Who Travel A lot

When selecting a broadband deal for heavy users who travel a lot, various factors require consideration. With the vast array of broadband options in the market today, getting a suitable selection can be challenging. However, you only need a review of a full variety of criteria. A fast broadband connection and can be quite helpful, enabling you to keep in touch with your friends and family, quickly find a holiday accommodation, check emails among many others.

The Connection 

Depending on the amount of internet you require, it can be more reasonable to utilise data-only deals and use it for the low service apps such as Whatsapp, Google Voice, Facebook and others. Banking on your hotel Wi-Fi might not be sufficient when it is possible to regulate the speed you require. When travelling, all you need is a portable internet, except if you are going to reside in a permanent holiday resort. Additionally, unless you plan to remain there for a year or more, getting a fixed data plan is not worth your money and time, meaning unlimited mobile data plans are the best option.

The following are some of the best broadband deals for heavy users who travel most of the time. Whether you want a reasonable selection or the best balance cost and allowance over one month, 12 months or 24 months deals, you will find one that suits your needs.


For mobile broadband heavy users who require over 30 GB of data each month, then Vodafone provides a data allowance of 50GB per month at £25 only, that is £0.83 only per GB. You are just tied to the data plan for 30 days, meaning they don’t offer a prolonged annual deal either. All 4GB Data Sims from Vodafone include Vodafone Global Roaming, providing you with the freedom to make use of your UK data in precisely 110 destinations around the world. For an additional £5 per day, you can utilise your data allowance in 60 Roam-further destinations, but the service provider will only charge you for the days you use your device.


If you often travel abroad and you need to use the internet freely without worrying about the costs, then it is tough, if not impractical, to beat the offers of Knowroaming. The network is providing a global SIM for as little as £8 (about $9.99) alongside unlimited mobile data plans costing £6.50 ($7.99) a day in over 90 countries across the world.
The SIM card comes with free UK and US numbers and the option to buy extra foreign numbers. The SIM card also provides an app to help you track your real-time usage, and as a bonus, you use WhatsApp for free globally, which includes photos, calls as well as video messaging. If you travel a lot and you need large amounts of data this is a great travel companion.


T-Mobile is providing a mobile broadband plan in 2 selections. The first one is Web’n’walk Plus at £15 each month and a USB modem for free. Additionally, you get a free Wi-Fi Hotspot access. Web’n’walk Plus is a 24-month plan. If you are interested in 12 months, it will be almost twice the cost @ £29 each month; these two data plans are for 3GB downloads.

For mobile broadband heavy users, there is an offer for you. You get 10 GB download limit on a 24 month deal for £35 a month or £44 for 12 months. While this sounds a lot, its limit incorporates internet calling services such as Jajah and Skype, so if you utilise Skype mostly to make calls overseas or your friends and relatives in the UK, this could be the best plan for you.

Once you get an appropriate broadband to use during your trip, you need to know how much data will meet your needs. If you require it for heavy usage such as uploading photos and streaming Skype a connection that can support significant data is vital. 6 to 12 GB is suitable depending on your level of usage. Besides, consider how long you want your deal to last. For instance, if you will only be away for two weeks, a one month plan is enough. If you travel more frequently, a more extended contract will be the best option.

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